IT Consulting: It's Not Just About Hardware

IT Consulting: It's Not Just About Hardware


  •  Understand The Business

We will work to understand your business,
so that we can understand what your business truly needs from its
network. This includes understanding the problems you face with your
current infrastructure, as well as your goals and budget.

  •  Develop A Plan

Once we have had a chance to understand
what your business needs, we will work to develop a plan. This includes
any computers, servers, and other devices we recommend to accomplish
your goals, as well as software and best business practices to

  •  Present & Listen

We will present to your our best
recommendation for your business, explain what we are recommending and
why, and then, most importantly, we listen. We want to develop the best
plan for your business, and if you are unsure that what we have proposed
is truly the best plan, we want to discuss and improve until you are

  •  Execute

Once you have given us approval to
proceed with your proposal, we will gather your equipment and set it up
in our shop to ensure that there are no problems with the hardware.
Typically, servers can be ready for install within a couple weeks of
approval, computers and other devices take only awhile to prepare,
and can often be expedited if you are in a hurry!

$35 Rate/Hourly

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