Android Box Programming

Android Box Programming

$35.00 per box. SmartTV $75.00

Streaming sources change regularly. When one goes down, you have to search for another to use. It can get tiring trying to find the best new source for streaming. You need a company that stays on top of changes and always has the latest streaming sources available for you!

That’s Media Monkey Solutions! Our well-maintained programming is always current and uses the best apps and add-ons. when you have your tv box programmed by Media Monkey Solutions, Never worry about where your next update will come from again! We will program your android version 5.1 or higher tv box with our custom Kodi build using both the best android apps and Kodi add-ons for streaming. Android version 4.4 tv boxes cannot run the latest Kodi and apps, 

If you have an android version 4.4 tv box, it’s time for a new tv box. they are obsolete and cannot run today's newest released versions of streaming apps.

Don’t know what android version your tv box is running? Message us today, we will help you find out.

Most updates take 1. to 2 and a half hours to do. depending on your box and the ability to take programming trouble free. bring your tv box to us for programming, or if you have a fast upload internet speed, we can connect to your tv box remotely and program it, after your first visit with us at our location in Stratford, Ontario

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